We’re TOTS and we exist to improve children’s literacy.

We do this by telling parents, educators and legislators  about the power of quality subtitles to improve literacy.

We also help broadcasters to add Literacy Grade Captions to their shows via our new service Caterpillar Captions

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We provide resources
for teachers

We provide resources for teachers including lesson plans, posters & celebrity videos.

We provide resources
for parents

We provide information for parents. How much will my child actually read? What difference will this make?

We compile

We compile research. Over 400 academic papers from the world’s leading academics and universities 

We help

We help broadcasters to engage with families, retain and grow their audiences by licensing our Caterpillar Captions for their shows.

“Top scientists have proven that turning on subtitles of TV programmes can double the chances of a child becoming good at reading.”

Stephen Fry

“Just press the button and you will BLOW their tiny little minds with knowledge.”

Jack Black